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who: Jack, Eleven
when: The past [Doctor's mindset - post "Angels Take Manhattan"]
where: Gamestation aka Satellite 5
what: Mental Imagery and an overly emotional Doctor

But maybe, just maybe he could bargain and fix at least one. Make up for what he had done. )
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Doctor Who was pretty good last Saturday. No spoilers. I just worry about Rory.

Jack misses Theta.
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A favourite song is on the internet radio - "Iris" by Goo Goo Dolls

and it's 59°F right now... *snoozes*
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Ready for another visually-rich writing snippet? ...I hope I don't think too hard on this one...

Read more... )
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Great series 7 premiere episode of Doctor Who. Darn you, Steven Moffat, you made me tear up.

In other news, the depress-y tide has come back in. :\
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I hope tomorrow goes by fast. I'll be happy to have this week over and done with.

cut for mushy stuff )
cut for depressing stuff )

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Maybe an idea, I don't know...

...isn't that a kick in the head... )
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In a morbid mood since I feel like crap...good way to spend a day off...

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Exit Wounds )
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Jack misses Theta...and blames me for my brain!fail.
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I find myself lost while in SWS or the smutty version...

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Some days it's not worth chewing through the leather straps...
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I'm considering bringing my Theta's Jack ([ profile] eramquodes) back into SWS. Thoughts?
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who: Jack, Hand of Ten
when: Before the Metacrisis
where: Torchwood Three
what: Whimperings of a lovesick canine

...I've loved you...for so long )
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Jack: "I haven't forgotten."

Ianto Jones
1983 - 2009
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